People Sessions

I always tell my clients before their session to JUST BE!

To be open to receive a healing.  People sometimes unknowingly block themselves by focusing their mind on what they feel needs to be fixed.

The way it works is that the frequencies that are all around you are working on your vibrational level.  They are addressing what is out of balance.  If the specific reason that you came for a session is what was causing the imbalance, then chances are that is what you may receive a healing on, but if you fixate on a specific issue sometimes that healing may not occur.

Many people that I have facilitated a session on are what I call onions.  They have layers to work through to get to the main issue.  Sometimes they go through releasing old trauma or emotional issues first.

Sometimes that one session was all that the person needed because other issues that they had, slowly went away as the healing unfolded for them.

Each session can be totally different from the last one.  I have had clients who received exactly what they came to see me for and clients who received a healing on something that they were not even aware of on a conscious level.