About the Healer

Victoria Vojdani

Certified Reconnective Healing®  Practitioner, Reconnective Animal Healing® Practitioner

I feel that we are all healers, that we all posses the ability to heal ourselves and healer others.  Getting to the level of really understanding that it is possible takes some work.  With me there has always been a knowingness that I hold within me healing abilities.  I just didn’t know the magnitude!

Since childhood I have had a great connection with animals and they with me.  Random dogs and cats would just show up on my doorstep.  I would help them and they would go on there way.

I have always been a natural counselor for people.  People would come to me with their troubles.  They would come to me for medical advice.  I would help them. 

Many people have told me that I am a healer.  I never really paid attention to what they were saying. It wasn’t until 2008 that I realized that I was. That was the year I came to the realization that I am an empath.  That discovery explained so many events in my life.  It was an awakening.  I had decided that year that I needed to go deep within myself to discover my true gifts, my true purpose.  I read about spirituality, healing, psychic abilities, meditation, (which is how I discovered that I was a true empath.)

That year I took a trip to Arizona and met with an intuitive healer.  When I walked in the door she looked at me and said “you are a healer.”  I said, “so I have heard, but in what way?”  She told me the name of a book that I needed to read.  It was called Reconnective Healing.

I purchased the book and began to read it.  A few pages into the book my hands began to feel energized.  It felt like sparks of electricity vibrating through them.  I knew at that moment that that woman was right, this was how I was to be a healer.  I returned to Arizona and learned how to use this wonderful form of healing.  My hands became activated, so to speak.  I worked an animals first and saw amazing things happen for them.  Seeing this confirmed to me that this is real, this is effective, this is it.  This was my doorway, my portal into the healing realm.

I then worked on people.  Friends and family.  Such incredible things happened for many of them as well, that I decided to start my healing business.

My life has changed forever since my awakening.  My natural abilities have magnified immensely and I have new gifts, or should I say, newly discovered gifts.  The more healings I facilitate, the more abilities I seem to obtain.

It is a pleasure to do this work.  It is rewarding to do this work.  I wish that I had my awakening when I was younger, my path getting to where I am today would have been a lot easier, but the point is…I got here!

My office is located on the beautiful island of Maui.  Hawaii is a natural place of healing and I can’t think of a better environment to heal.

If you live on or are planning a visit here, I can see you for an in person session at my office.  If you don’t live on Maui, or planning a visit here, I can facilitate a distance session for you.